Saturday, January 23, 2010

Possible change of plans

Looks like we may have to change regions. IL will not apostille a "true and accurate copy" document if the notary alone completes the form. Our region will not except anything other than this format. Our only possible alternative is to go to WI for a notary on some of our documents. We don't think that will really work though. I'm bummed because even though we were in the beginning of this I spent time reading blogs and doing research on the region. I know this isn't a major bump but we did get 58 documents notarized for this region and already completed our medicals. Our agency said most of it will transfer to another region so hopefully that proves to be true!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Finishing up the intial dossier

Joe and I went to the doctor today to get our initial medicals done. Oscar goes tomorrow. We should be able to finish up our dossier in the next two weeks. Things to finish yet:

Last homestudy visit - Friday
Deed to our house-Wednesday
CPA form-hopefully from a friend this week
Psych eval-school psychologist this week
Pick up employment letters-this week
Pick up medical forms-hopefully this week
Marriage license-just waiting for MN to send them

Saturday we got 58 documents notarized! Thankfully the women at our bank are wonderful!
Can't wait for all of this initial paperwork to be done! Then we get to the fun waiting! :)

Once this is all done we are sending it all in for apostille. The hope is the dossier is completed by the end of February and in our agency's hands!

Wish us luck!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dossier for little sister

Oscar has been home now for a year and we have just gotten started on the paperwork for his little sister. We are really excited to go through this experience again. Of course the paperwork and waiting is not fun at all, but we are looking forward to the day where we meet our daughter. That is the day that makes all of this work and stress worth it!
Today I will be working on getting the FBI prints out for our homestudy and then I wait for Joe to get home from China so we can go notarize things.
We are guessing we will have at least 12 months of waiting once we get this initial paperwork done. We shall see!

Oscar is home for a year