Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What a handsome boy!

Isn't this just a super handsome little guy? This was the Christmas card picture for this year. Notice the wrap and bandaid on his hand? Poor guy had to get 9 stitches in his ring finger after getting it stuck in a locker. After 4 hours in the emergency room mommy, daddy, and Oscar were beyond exhausted. It was a long night.
The finger is almost healed now about 3 weeks later and looking good. Still a Toy Story bandaid on it, but doing much better.
This week has been filled with dinners and lunches with friends and Christmas will be spent with family.
Next week we are off to Disney World. Definitely not the smartest thing when you are trying to save for an adoption, but we had to use up air miles and we are staying at a Marriott hotel to earn points and we should also get two free nights for when we are in Russia. We will be up to 5-6 free nights. Hopefully that will cover the nights in Moscow! For those of you that have not been to Moscow, trust me when I say a night at a Marriott in Orlando, FL is about 1/5 the cost of a night in Moscow. The big expense of the trip will be the park tickets which I found a small discount on, but not much. We will have 3 days to spend in the parks and hopefully Oscar will not be afraid of the rides! He can't wait to see where Woody lives!
On the "baby sister" front, we are still waiting and hoping!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hoping this is the one!

So we got a picture, a little medical info and personal info on this referral. So far everything looks good. She is just adorable. We will not be able to meet her until the end of January though so we have a wait ahead of us. In the end after losing a referral the day before departure I guess the wait doesn't really matter. Things could go wrong even if we were told we could travel in a week. We will just hope that this is the one and take one day at a time.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Here's to hoping - Round 2

So yesterday we got the call about a little girl that comes off the registry in January. We are expecting to get more info this weekend. Here is to hoping things work out this time! I will post more when I know more!