Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Things have been crazy busy since we got home. It was tough coming home because our dog ran away while we were gone. It is a very long and sad story and I am trying to focus on Olivia being home now. I spent hours and hours searching and organizing searches for our Lulu and she is still not home. Although it was very difficult, I decided this week to stop organizing searches and focus on our family. I am still updating local vets and lost dog websites, but for my family's sake and mine I needed to move on. I still hope every day that she will be found somewhere and come home!
Olivia is doing great. She is VERY active! I feel bad for her because she wants to walk really bad but isn't strong enough in her trunk. She wants me to walk with her by holding her hands up all day long and my back just can't take it. We take lots of walks with the stroller to keep her moving.
Oscar is getting better but he definitely has had a tough time sharing mom. About a week after she got home he asked if she was going back to Russia. The good news is he has asked that again since and then said he doesn't want her to go back. Little by little he is getting there.
Well that is it for now!