Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No news yet

So found out today that the family traveling to our region ended up at a different orphanage than our referral so no info was gathered for us. So now we wait again. The good news is that our agency is still hopeful we will travel at the end of November. The bad news is we still have no medical info. No matter how I look at it, that is just not good. A picture can only tell you so much.
So now we wait but know that we will hear lots of good or bad info in the next month. Since our court date for our son was given to us on October 30th (after a 6 month wait) and our court date was November 19th I am going to be optimistic and figure that October and November are just "good adoption news" months for us!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Two Weeks Gone...

So we were hoping to hear something this week regarding medical info but no news yet. We are going to just do some education classes this weekend to work on our home study update. Hopefully we will hear something next week! Keeping our fingers and toes crossed!!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Two weeks

So after MAJOR frustrations with our social worker I was talked off the ledge by our agency director. She is just so kind and totally took control by calling the social worker herself to discuss her issues with our change in age request and quick referral. If you really want the details I will email it, but not worth posting on our blog.
The good news is that I got to speak to our agency director instead of playing phone tag and get a little more info about this little girl. It looks like another family is traveling to our region in two weeks and we are hoping the coordinator will be able to get us medical info and maybe some pics on this trip. Of course there is no guarantee, but at least we have a specific time frame for possible information.
So the week of the 18th we hope to get some good news!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Looks like November for now

So it looks like this little girl (still afraid to call her "our" little girl). Will be coming off of the registry in November instead of October. We won't get any medical info on her for awhile (still want to know what "awhile" is) but we will get it before we are given travel dates. We are hoping the medical looks good and we will be in Vologda at the end of November.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Should I be excited?

So it looks like we are going to get a referral for one of the little girls that was a possibility in early September! After we said we were open to a 2 1/2 year old I just had a funny feeling that was the path we would be going down.
After two weeks of waiting to see what would happen I couldn't wait anymore and called our agency. Our director said they were able to "get us in line." I asked, "what does that mean?" and she said they were able to "get us registered in order to pursue the referral of the 2 1/2 year old." It was very surreal because she didn't seem excited and stated this very matter of factly. I finally asked, "should I be excited?" and she said, "don't get too excited!" Don't you just love international adoption! I explained to her again that we had adopted once before and gone through losing a referral so we understood that the floor could be pulled out from under us at anytime. I then asked again, "now should I be excited?" She laughed and said okay, yes, you should be excited. At this time all we have is a picture and birth month and year. We will be getting medical info any day. She is so adorable and looks so much like Joe. She comes off of the registry in mid-October so we could be traveling as soon as the end of October.
I am definitely freaking out! We really believed we wouldn't be going anywhere until next summer. We recognize we are so incredibly lucky and have soooo much to do. Now we just hope that 1. we get to travel soon 2. the US-Russia agreement is signed SOON and 3. our process ends quickly. After seeing the gut wrenching waits that so many bloggers are going through and going through our six month wait for a court date with Oscar I just hope that we are lucky!