Friday, October 28, 2011

My little flamenco dancer and my policeman

Yes, I know I haven't posted in months and months. Yes, I am a teacher and life is crazy once school starts. I need to work on making time for myself to update our blog and just enjoy reading or something. The problem is there are papers to be graded sitting in my bag as I write. It never ends.
The good news is Olivia is doing great! She is really getting very vocal. I'm sure it helps that her brother never stops taking and is just so loud. She has to keep up with him so she is really babbling and yelling a lot.
We have been slightly bummed out that she isn't walking yet. She wants to walk so bad but her core muscles were just so under-developed that she has had so much catching up to do. She is really close though so hopefully within the next month.
As you can see they dressed up for Halloween at school today. I bought Olivia's costume in Spain this past summer on a trip I took with my students. I absolutely love it! Oscar was planning to be Buzz but when we took out the costume it was dirty so we switched it up to a policeman. Last Halloween I went to a Halloween store the day after Halloween and got a whole bunch of costumes for Christmas gifts. Oz loved them. Since the guy is so tiny I know several of the costumes will still fit him next year.
As far as brotherly love goes Oscar finally said he loved Olivia about 2 weeks ago. We have checked since then and he still loves her. For the first 5 months when we asked him if he loved her he would say, "No, not yet. I'll love her when she is a big girl." The love all started when Olivia shared a cookie with Oz in the car. I have to agree that people who share cookies should be loved.
Hopefully I won't wait another 5 months before I post again.