Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Still hoping and waiting

Well we are still hoping and waiting. Our referral comes off the registry on Friday and I wish I had a flight there on Friday! I talked to our agency today and they are hoping we will travel within 2 weeks but there is no official word yet. I just really hope this one works out and that we get a call this week to plan our travel. I will admit that I am definitely a planner and I hate not knowing things. However, as a teacher I have a ton of planning to do once I know when I will be gone. I want to go right away, but a little notice would really help my sanity. At least I still have the packing list all ready, paperwork is done, and baby stuff is bought. I really would just have a ton to do at school. Well now that I typed this out I do feel a little better. Thanks to those that listened! :) Here is to hoping we get a call soon and are on a plane soon!!!


  1. I feel your pain. We are waiting on a court date. We last saw our son on December 8th and miss him so much. Good luck to us both for quick travels.

  2. Can't wait to hear when you are going to travel. This is the hardest part but you will forget all this waiting once you see that sweet little face. Love you and thinking of you guys.

  3. Two weeks will be here soon....but it never feels like it when you are the one waiting. Looks like we'll just miss you by a week or so in Moscow. I hope you get some travel news very soon and a super speedy court date, as you had a LONG wait last time.