Friday, February 18, 2011

Trying to believe in the optimism

So all of our documents went to Russia today and our agency and coordinator are saying they are planning for a court date in mid-March. Now I would love to believe that this is true, but really? Less than two months? It is just so hard for me to believe that it could happen that fast. Every time I am in a store I hear voices - one tells me to shop for Olivia since she may be home in 6 weeks and the other voice says what the *&#$%% are you thinking- don't you dare get your hopes up. After waiting for over 6 months to bring Oscar home and a few months of therapy to help me through that I just hate that I am getting my hopes up. I am desperately trying to just let it go since I have NO control of this what so ever.
Now just to clarify-I don't actually hear voices- at least not yet. However, if this adoption takes 6 more months you never know.


  1. Boy, does this sound like me! This part you are going through was the toughest part for me. But now we have court on March 4th because we accepted a referral we went to meet a full 5 months earlier than we thought we ever could.

    I tried so hard to not get attached and not think of our referral as my son until it was all set in stone...but eventually gave up on that idea and decided to go ahead and be happy and deal with the disappointment, should it come, later. But trust me, I really do understand that internal struggle to try and protect your heart.

  2. I was cautiously optimistic. That is, I went ahead and started shopping....but saved the receipts. It is way too fun to start buying the "pink" stuff. Don't get me wrong, love my super-hero themed shirts with jeans too!
    Oh the waiting is the hardest part (referral, confirmation of travel, court date). Thinking of you and hoping to see some news soon with "the date". Time for Oscar to join the proud ranks of "big brother"!!

  3. We feel your pain! We are also waiting for news of our court date, after providing updated dossier documents. We were told it would only take 6 weeks for court, but our judge left town for a couple of weeks, so now we are hoping for an early March court date (about 2 1/2 months from our first trip). This waiting is hard! In our hearts, she is already our daughter.

    Hope we both hear news of a court date soon! :)