Friday, March 4, 2011

Court Date...Maybe

So yesterday we got the call that our "tentative" court date is March 31st!!! Not sure what the "tentative" is all about, but at this point I will take it! This is just great news all around because it is in March, as they said it would be, and it is the week of my spring break at school. I won't lose time with my students and I won't lose any of my days for my maternity leave. The couple that we traveled with have a "tentative" date for the week after us, so we are hoping we can all make the final trip together. We shall see!


  1. This is potentially great news. I would be wondering what tentattive means too, but at this point that is better than nothing! Congratulations.

  2. That is good news! It's just around the corner!!! Super excited for you.

  3. Yes, "tentative" was always one of my favorite words too. Of course loved when it was replaced by "confirmed" (this usually wasn't until 4 days before)! This sounds very good!! Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.