Saturday, April 16, 2011

First Picture!

So here are the little feet that will be soon taking over our house!
We just bought our tickets last night for trip 3. We are heading back next Saturday, a week from today already! We will have her home on Friday, May 6th. We have to spend two weeks there because it takes 7 days to process her passport. We are going to take a little side trip for 4 days to St. Petersburg while we wait for her passport. If anyone has suggestions for what to see or do please pass them on. We are feeling a little selfish because we aren't very excited to see St. Petersburg even though we know it will be beautiful. We just want to get her home!


  1. St. Petersburg is very pretty, I recommend the Hermitage definately. Church on the Spilled blood and St. Isaacs Cathedral. Don't know where you are staying, but Oksanas appartments is where we rented from when we did our adoption last year. We stayed on Canal Griebodova and it was really nice. Hotels there in St. Pete are wonderful also.

  2. I agree with Sally about which sights to see. St. Pete is lovely, you will enjoy it!

    Have fun & congratulations!

  3. We adopted our son from St. Petersburg in beautiful!! Church on the Spilled Blood is a must see! We did not have time to see the Hermitage but have heard it's amazing. Best Wishes!

    Leigh Ann Cagle

  4. We are in St. Petersburg now. Just finishing up our 10 day wait. Should get our little man on Monday (the 25th) and will leave on May 6th as well. If you want shoot me an e-mail and I'll give you more details.