Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Adjectives now

So thanks to another blogger I found our referral on the Russian database. Since all we have is a picture it was nice to find her there. It was the same picture, but we also now have two adjectives: active and capricious. Based on those two words I think she may be a hand full. It will be interesting to see how accurate this description is.
Our agency is hoping to get a medical by the end of this week. Here's to hoping. Ticket prices went up $120 from yesterday to today!


  1. Yeah, I hope she's able to get some medical information for you as I know you are ready to go! That is the bad part with having to wait to confirm travel plans (prices just keep jumping.
    Love the database! Although show us really anything as it was a newborn photo and no adjectives. I think it said "undetermined".

  2. We knew very little about our son before our first trip to Russia, and when we got their our coordinator was telling us about him and described him as being similar to a windshield washer that never stops. Always moving, very active, carefree. Her description couldn't have been more accurate.

    Best of luck!