Monday, November 15, 2010

Visas being processed and...

Steffen schedule 10 days prior to departure:

Thursday - Lisa fingerprinted for IL police clearance
Friday - Completed CPA assets form, received our employment letters, and psych letter/license
Saturday - chest x-rays and blood work
Sunday - packed and made lists
Monday - processed visa, Joe got fingerprinted for IL police clearance, called to get our police clearances notarized, emailed home study dossier docs to social worker
Tuesday - Get Oscar's medical info
Wednesday - Oscar has an eye surgery (yes-surgery was scheduled 2 months ago)
Thursday - Social worker is coming out on Thursday to do Oscar's post placement and hopefully bring us home study documents for our dossier. That night we have our medicals.
Friday - Joe is going downtown to get documents apostilled. Visas should arrive.
Saturday - We are on a plane to Russia.

Thought I should make a list of all the insanity!!!! Just trying to keep it all straight. Through all of this we have been calling constantly to see if our agency got any more info on our referral. Today we found out that they spoke with the coordinator and she spoke with people at the orphanage that she was "really good." At this point we are just going on a good gut feeling, knocking on lots of wood, and hoping for the best. We sat with Oscar on Sunday and watched the videos that we took of our first visit with him and looked at the info we received about him. The info told us nothing about him other than that he was small. I guess we just figure that the information they most likely would have sent us wouldn't have been enough to keep us home. Wish us luck!

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  1. I know what you mean about being soo ready to go and "taking a leap of faith". At the time I thought it was the best decision we could have made or we were absolutely nuts! Yep, best decision...wishing you the same. Can't wait to follow along! Safe travels.