Thursday, November 11, 2010

Booked and crossing fingers and toes

So I booked our flight and hotel tonight. We have 24 hours to make any changes if needed, but I just couldn't watch the prices go up anymore! Still waiting on medical info.
The one thing I am looking for suggestions on is doing a tour in Moscow. We will have the day on Thursday to sight see. We really saw very little of Moscow when we adopted Oscar. Our translator walked us through Red Square but that was it. We would like to go on a tour of the Kremlin if possible. I was wondering if anyone had a company and/or website that they would recommend. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions!


  1. I'm not certain as we did not have a chance to do a formal tour of Moscow, but I believe that I heard Peace Travel Services might do that? We planned to see the Kremlin too last Thursday but it was their Holiday so it was closed...maybe next time.

  2. We didn't do a formal tour either, as we would have frozen solid if we stayed outdoors too long, but we did use Peace Travel during each of our trips for other things and found them to be very professional, prompt, and reasonably priced.

    Good luck. I vividly remember the days of watching airline prices go up and yearning to book as soon as possible.